Saturday, December 19, 2015

Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS To our Dear Family & Friends 
         It is at this time of year that we especially miss being able to jump in the car and visit with our dearest family and friends! 
It has been such a full year of sorrows, joys, growth and big change. While we do love being here in many aspects it is also not the plans we had made in many ways. It is hard to believe that Dad & Mikey have been together for a year now. I think of Dad often as I drive around town. I do more driving now than I ever have and He loved to drive ( need a good book recommendation just let me know, Audible and I are good friends). I am sure however Dad had been on more back roads and eateries within a few hundred miles than I will in the next few years. Just the other day I was wondering about a BBQ place and smiled to myself as I was nearly 100% sure that dad has been there and would be able to give i while the church plant is going well it seems there were other plans for us and that was to focus in on our family and rather than assist in a plant at this time. We have instead recently settled into a new church home, Grace Life, after quite some time and its been good for us all. 

      It's been a year of firsts and big changes, record high summer, new schools, new church, the 1000 year flood, what's next in SC?

     Owen,'s 3 and he's a tank. He is just a fun happy kid who loves being in the mix! There isn't much he doesn't like, he loves Cars & trains like his brother Micah, Spiderman, sports, Lightsaber duals, Ninja Turtles, you name it he's game!   

      Mikelle, is at the Bethal Hanberry and has been blessed with fabulous teachers, Mrs Burns & Mrs Stoney! She loves the songs & crafts, library time and she is most excited about learning to read. She is for sure a little leader aka: boss, so sweet and always knows just what she wants. 

    Cianne is on a scholarship Cutler Jewish Day school and it is the perfect fit for her. We couldn't be happier than to have her there. She brought home her first set of straight A's it is awesome to see, since academics were rough for both us last year. But her hardwork for years is coming together  beautifully and it is a joy to see. She plays in the woods each day and has the best teachers ever ( Mrs Val & Mr Brent!), this season is def a gift. Their slogan is, "Where Hearts and Minds can Soar," and it couldn't be more true. She lives outdoors, is in a cast for Christmas- with a small fracture but it will be off in time for her first soccer season =) which starts early here!

    Braet just finished up soccer season and his first semester. Great grades, making friends in a new area and enjoying youth group. It is hard to believe he is going to be 14 soon, he is a great kid. I love watching him with Owey. I think he is going to pass up Luke in height this year. Leaving MD was tough for him so getting more connected this year has been huge. Its time to think high school apps and plans and I'm not quite ready for that- its kinda hard to believe!  Here we grow!

     Luke & I celebrated 15 years in September, where has the time gone! Grateful!! Mom watched the kiddos and we were able to slip away to Savannah. Luke is working hard as always and travels monthly but it is great to have him working from home! We have a lil cottage and that's his Mission Control. He and Braet have been to the driving range a couple of times and hopefully, 2016 there will be more golf in his future. He is also working out at 5am with F3, Not me =) But I am hoping train for my first run this year (even if it is a short mud run!) We are both looking forward to forming new and deeper ties here . This is a new season all around, and while I am not quite sure what the next venture will be,in this time of much transition -  I am so grateful to be able to hit the resit button in a way and seek to re focus, renew and re-launch. I  love being able to begin pursuing things that are dear to my heart in new ways; volunteering at school, the fam, community, church, growing with a company I love in health & nutrition, Zija  and Ameo (essential oils). This is just a super big transitional time for us and the best is yet to come!!!

     Mom & I were able to get away to the Biltmore for Dad's one year Anniversary (Thanks to Luke, Brandon, Cam & Ally) and it was a special treat. I am often asked how mom is doing, the truth is she is a quielty strong, steady, faithful,amazing, wonderful, unselfish, caring lady (she might not feel that way but is it so true).  Even through intense grief,  she is not without hope she knows times of joy and no doubt will know it greater still.  Her heart has always been to make her home a haven for her family, it is that and I know it will continue to be a haven for many of her new & old friends alike.Their lives were marked with faithfulness , generosity and care- it continues.....

     Well that is our year in the shortest version possible, it has been quite a Year!! You are missed you are loved! If you are ever up for a road trip, stop in, we loving having company!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
With Love
Krisicnda & Luke, Cindy, Braeton, Cianne, Mikelle & Owen

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