Monday, April 21, 2014

Under Contract

 So it is really happening, we our now under contract, thanks to loads of hard work from my Lukey, Dave Dabb and his real estate team and huge blessings from the Lord~ we received a full price offer, needless to say we took it! Barring no bumps in the road we are scheduled to close on May 9th and will rent back until May 26th as we have a wonderfully important event to host on the 24th, Cam's wife Ally is expecting their first lil one and we get to a be part of hosting her baby shower, I am super excited!!!
    Surreal is still the word, we are wonderfully excited,a bit grieved, a touch of apprehensiveness , lil nervous ~ you get it a roller coaster of emotions as we transition. Thanks for your prayers, we see the Lord at work and it has brought my anxious heart peace many times over!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


     Today I received my first email with ya'll in it =) from our Realtor of all people! It still seems very surreal that the house will go on the market on Thursday. We are all exhausted but most of the major projects are done ( The deck is the last biggie we hope :)! To say it's been a roller coaster of emotions would be the understatement. The house looks great thanks to Lots of help from the kiddos mom, dad, Cameron and Ally. Dare say Better Homes & Gardens worthy- not really but great for us! Well at least for the pictures it was- until real life resumes. 
The weather has postponed our trip twice now and messed up my best made plans. Breat in particular has had to bear the brunt of that as his birthday plans and airsoft battle has to be rescheduled. But hopefully this weekend away will be a nice break for everyone. We are
finally heading to South Carolina on Saturday. 
Please pray for us. I always said that the stars would have to align for us to make this move and many have, which we are really grateful for but there are are few left and  they are Biggies. I know it will all work out but my heart can be a bit anxious about the remaining "Stars," not to mention sad about not being in the same state as some of the dearest people in the world to us. Its totally Sweet and totally bitter like dark chocolate with raspberry filling - yumm ( what can I say I am thinking Easter candy here!) Anyway as always we are sending our love and so grateful for your prayers, thoughts, support and friendship. The journey continues!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy 12

It's hard to believe that 12 years have come and gone. It feels like I have only just blinked!  What a joy to be your mom and friend! Love ya so!

Friday, February 28, 2014

March Maddness

    So this is just a lil update on the Davis family. As you know we've been contemplating moving for quite some time. We came to Gaithersburg In the fall of 2002 with plans to stay for a couple of
years. Well two years turned into 10 and Montgomery Co became home. With the birth of four children here, friends, family, a son preceding us to Glory and much of life joys and sorrows we have much history here. Thus the coming transition is a bitter sweet one.
   This coming March will we be putting our home on the market we are contemplating a For Sale by Owner- so if you know anyone looking for a place in Damascus, send them our way! The plan is to move south, most likely in the suburbs of Charlotte.
  We would covet your prayers as this is huge for us. We are not adventurous people and while we are hopeful and excited for this change it is also completely out of our comfort zone. There are few details yet as things are just starting to take shape and move forward! We would appreciate you keeping this Off of Facebook as details for my moms work our not yet in place. We just wanted you to be in the loop and give an  update before our  March Madness Begins!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Fun

One of our favorite Fall Traditions... Butlers Orchard! I love the fall, the crisp cool weather, the colors, the memories =) it has always been a special time for our family and thankfully this year was no different! We had such a good time we went back twice!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fostering for Pups!

    My cousin, Diana along with her family, runs a non profit, dog fostering programs as she seeks to save dogs in our area. She has over 16 years experience with boarding, training, rehabilitating and more~ she is truly fabulous! Great  at helping to choose a dog that fits well with your family. There is a constant influx of dogs, all shapes and sizes =) that need loving homes- so it this peaks your interest, give her a call!

Monday, September 9, 2013

13 Years- with my Love-

    The trip has started, the snacks, movies and traffic but we are on our way! Heading to Granny Joyce's first, then to Orlando- Give Kids the World, it should be a truly special time. Thanks my Love for the wonderful journey!

  Luke & Kriscinda
Celebrating 13 Years  God’s Faithfulness & Goodness with my Best Friend

Milestones are the Mile Markers on the Journey 
 such as chapters in the book of ones Life.
     We were young and in love, we had little thoughts about the future just about being together for life and it started simple… a boy loved a girl he had known for such a short time~ the girl loved the boy and thought maybe they were crazy but they were crazy  Love so 13 years ago on her 20th Birthday the best friends became Man and Wife.
Life set in and the journey continued as they wrote their chapters and sought to find their way: faith and friendship, college, community, work, highlights ... The wonderful joys of  children and family and also the intense pain and trial of family sickness and a yellow ribbon of Childhood cancer around our dear boy. Waves crashed and the valley grew darker, hearts were broken and dreams disappeared ~ the little family of 5 turned into 4 and they fought for faith, hope and joy. Alas with a little man in heaven and four beautiful children to make life full, the Lord has carried the Man and Wife for 13 years of laughter & tears, smiles and heartache. He has continued to renew their strength, hope is alive and they long for the day when their faith will be made sight.
    Our Micah lived a joy filled life and taught us so much in a very short time, I can only hope to achieve half as much! Make a Wish and GKTW provided our family an incredible gift of some our last earthy Milestones with our dear boy. It was an amazing gift to our family and thus be here and
 celebrating now is truly a treasure!
Thank You for your kindness and generosity to make this 
 Marker a true highlight in our Journey.           
It means so very much to our family!
From the bottom of our hearts, we are ever grateful!
With Love,
Luke &  Kriscinda
Braeton, Micah, Cianne, Mikelle , Owen