Monday, July 27, 2015

8 Months~ 8 Years

July 25- 8 months & 8 years. ~ so normally these days are lil holidays in our family but this weekend half of us were sick so rather than an eventful day it was a chill, chill day. However my dad would have said the day matters not so in honor a few days late. Two fabulous people who brought joy, life and laughter wherever they went and possibly a bit of crazy- we love you for all that u taught us and what we are still learning from you. May we live- giving life, loving, laughing, singing loudly for all to hear ;), joy and crazy -for you each lived so well and your lives are still giving now! We love and miss you dearly!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Friday, December 12, 2014

Merry Christmas

Dear Family & Friends,

         2014 has been a year of immense change for our family, the good and the very hard on this journey to forever. In late May the Davis family relocated to Columbia SC. And not long after mom and Dad joined us in September. Why Columbia is always the question, it is a multi faceted: to care for our family in a new way, for new beginnings, to church plat with the Greers ~ that is just the short answer =). While we are enjoying becoming connected in this new community and anticipating all these new ventures the unexpected loss of my father, Chris, on Nov 25 , after just a few months of relocating is certainly a blow to our hearts. He has battled brain cancer for nearly 14 years, this Sept after finding the tumor had returned he underwent a second surgery at Duke. Then suffered a heart attack  2 days before Thanksgiving and was instantly  with His Lord. He is survived by his loving wife, Cindy, Cameron and Ally and their daughter Rowan, Brandon, Luke, myself and our four  children,  Braeton, Cianne, Mikelle and Owen. He was greeted by many who he loved that went before Him, I am sure Micah was among the first! He has run the race and finished well, the last 14 years have been very challenging yet in all he did he strove to honor the Lord, he faith never waivered and complaint never meet his lips but rather loud songs and whistling.
         This is not your standard greeting but then this is just where our journey finds us this     Christmas. In the midst of grief the giving of Christ through his birth, life death and resurrection give Faith and bring Hope to our hearts. May that Faith and Hope be yours as well both  now and Forever. 
                      Thank you ever so much for your love, care and support, they have  been so very  meaningful, we truly have felt  carried by your prayers during this time. Thank you for walking this road with us, couldn't have imagined going it without you all!   
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
With Love,
~Luke & Kriscinda, Braeton, Cianne, Mikelle & Owen,  ~Cindy and Brandon~

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Caring for Momma

Please help us care for our Momma.
Many have asked how you can you help and right now funds would be a blessing for Momma. Dad hasn't qualified for Life Insurance due to his past medical history and thus between medical bills and final epenses any contribution would be a significant blessing.
Thank you so very much!


Dear Ones
There is no easy way to write these words as our hearts are flooded with emotion. We are shocked, saddened and hopeful ,all at the same ~today  Dad went today to be with His Lord. He fought and battled brain cancer for 14 years and then today he passed after a heart attack likely brought on by a pulmonary embolism.

He had taken a turn for the better and in the midst of his very hard journey was able to have some sweet time with mom, going out for
pizza and just being home together. The family was all able to be together in Sept. which we are all grateful for. He never has wavered in his faith and his hope was that others would see Jesus in his journey as was his,prayer this very morning with mom over breakfast.

I cannot say that the road has been easy and that there are not regrets as we have been losing Dad for many years and thus it has made it hard to remember all that Dad was and what he strove to be. Yet, despite the questions that may roll, the suffering he endured for so long, the sadness at the many years lost, we choose Hope~ for a day and a future we cannot see this side of Heaven. We choose to trust that  one day because of the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus all wrong will be righted and the life we could not have with Dad here all of eternity will plenty make up for.

On behalf of the family, thank you for your continued care and prayers. We are ever grateful.

~~Details for the Memorial service will be forth coming.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Farwell Damascus

A house was made a homes by the lives of those who filled it. We journeyed together through the days and the years in laughter & tears. Our God upheld and sustained us in unimaginable ways. Our friends loved and cared for us, our family brought refuge and strength. So even though the address has changed a fam we are, even across the miles. Bonds formed by blood, loss, love and life will ever continue. What a gift we have! Friends and family, a journey to forever together! Love to all!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Crazy Continues- Moving

     It feels like a whirlwind here. Our home here in MD is under contract and the home inspection, appraisal and final repairs are under way. It is exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.It is crazy all the details that go into this and to think I wanted to do a for sale by owner at first~ now just glimpse at what goes into this I am so very thankful for our Realtors. On this end, Dave Dabb and in SC Paul DuRant- shout out Bros, you guys are doing an amazing job! Luke has been handling all correspondence and logistics, my baby is going to be ready for a nice tall glass of southern Tea ( or something!) Needless to say everyone is working hard and things are continuing to come together. Still nothing is final- we are set to settle here in Md on May 9th if all goes well. We will rent back until May 26th.

     South Carolina Calls~ we are set to close on our new home there May 23rd. Luke will probably get the truck Friday and begin to load to drive down Saturday, I plan to drive down on Sunday with the kiddos. It is a beautiful place. It fits us to a T. Best of all, Luke has a separate building , whoo hoo!- His Only~ quiet place to get work done- okay maybe mine some =) aka the Man Cave on the weekend/Guest Cottage/ Zija Hub and The Office! This was so important to us as he now gets to work from home and travel back to DC, he  will have his very own office separate from the rest of the fam. The commute, a killer, 20 yards =) This 20x20 spot will be super utilized! So if you come our way, please stop and stay a day (or few!)

     I think that is about all for us, still we would appreciate your prayers as nothing is final and there are still lots of logistics- seriously who knew all that goes into this. Also for peace in this transition and joy for our family especially the kiddos. They are doing well but this mommas heart wants this to be a sweet and easy as possible transition for them.

    Long winded I know- here is my closing.... we will be back in MD the week of Aug 17 to meet Cam & Ally's lil one and spend some time here. SUPER EXCITED  to be an aunt again! As always thanks for joining us in our craziness!
Love to All