Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy 12

It's hard to believe that 12 years have come and gone. It feels like I have only just blinked!  What a joy to be your mom and friend! Love ya so!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Fun

One of our favorite Fall Traditions... Butlers Orchard! I love the fall, the crisp cool weather, the colors, the memories =) it has always been a special time for our family and thankfully this year was no different! We had such a good time we went back twice!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fostering for Pups!

    My cousin, Diana along with her family, runs a non profit, dog fostering programs as she seeks to save dogs in our area. She has over 16 years experience with boarding, training, rehabilitating and more~ she is truly fabulous! Great  at helping to choose a dog that fits well with your family. There is a constant influx of dogs, all shapes and sizes =) that need loving homes- so it this peaks your interest, give her a call!

Monday, September 9, 2013

13 Years- with my Love-

    The trip has started, the snacks, movies and traffic but we are on our way! Heading to Granny Joyce's first, then to Orlando- Give Kids the World, it should be a truly special time. Thanks my Love for the wonderful journey!

  Luke & Kriscinda
Celebrating 13 Years  God’s Faithfulness & Goodness with my Best Friend

Milestones are the Mile Markers on the Journey 
 such as chapters in the book of ones Life.
     We were young and in love, we had little thoughts about the future just about being together for life and it started simple… a boy loved a girl he had known for such a short time~ the girl loved the boy and thought maybe they were crazy but they were crazy  Love so 13 years ago on her 20th Birthday the best friends became Man and Wife.
Life set in and the journey continued as they wrote their chapters and sought to find their way: faith and friendship, college, community, work, highlights ... The wonderful joys of  children and family and also the intense pain and trial of family sickness and a yellow ribbon of Childhood cancer around our dear boy. Waves crashed and the valley grew darker, hearts were broken and dreams disappeared ~ the little family of 5 turned into 4 and they fought for faith, hope and joy. Alas with a little man in heaven and four beautiful children to make life full, the Lord has carried the Man and Wife for 13 years of laughter & tears, smiles and heartache. He has continued to renew their strength, hope is alive and they long for the day when their faith will be made sight.
    Our Micah lived a joy filled life and taught us so much in a very short time, I can only hope to achieve half as much! Make a Wish and GKTW provided our family an incredible gift of some our last earthy Milestones with our dear boy. It was an amazing gift to our family and thus be here and
 celebrating now is truly a treasure!
Thank You for your kindness and generosity to make this 
 Marker a true highlight in our Journey.           
It means so very much to our family!
From the bottom of our hearts, we are ever grateful!
With Love,
Luke &  Kriscinda
Braeton, Micah, Cianne, Mikelle , Owen

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pancakes!!!! It's the lil things!

This morning Brandon surprised us with pancake batter. Okay I know it doesn't sound fancy but I didn't prepare it,and they smell like Fall! Some kind of apple & cinnamon creation. I tend to fall into the rut of same old good stuff but Brandon always has a fun new creation and these were great! Thanks B it was a nice treat!
Okay so the first batch wasn't pretty- its called the morning rush to get food in Owey! But the were sure yummy

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fun Find!!!

Today was supposed to be a work day here but this morning Ally texted me and said she had time to do my hair- so Luke freed me up an so go enjoy the day! Once I got there she said my hair was covered- by mom ( a super early bday present - how FUN!). It was a great time to catch up, usually the kids mob Ally and we don't get to chat much- so today I talked her ear off!!! Thanks Ally!!! Love my hair too!
Then there is this new lil place that I have been wanting to check out so Luke said of for it. It was toooooo fun. I was like a kid in a candy shop. The owners Terry and Nancy are great and even though they weren't really open when I came they showed me around and I found some really fun treasures. We talked shop for an hour, did I mention it was fun! They are even a supplier for one of my all time fav stores in Lucketts - no wonder I had such a great time! Not to mention a score- Orange Trunk- Love it!!!!
They are off if 108, behind Etchisons Country Store- if u are in the area check them out!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The day after

So Micah's anniversary is always a special day for me but a bumpy one too. I think my expectations are still a lil unrealistic :) imagine that. And too I am learning over the years what works well for our young fam and trying to implement those tidbits each year.
This year was no different: some really special highlights and some bumps( mostly just a mommy meltdown- nothing big! ha) A side note to those who are experiencing hardship or a milestone such as we were... Simple is sweet. Think about what blesses and brings peace to your heart and your fam and implement just a few.

Some sweet highlights were a beautiful day, singing and praying together at the cemetery. Luke brought his guitar and we were able to sing some of our favorite songs from the memorial service,letting 6 orange balloons fly to the sky, giving the kids an Eddie, which they loved more than I though they would and that was a delight.
The reason they must all have another.... Mikelle! She LOVES these lil elephants and has been stealing everyone else's, thus creating her own herd. Every night she wants to sleep with lots and lots of Eddies :) Now everyone has ether own color and Kelz can't steal them!!
For those of you who don't know the History of Eddie. My friend Elizabeth gave Braeton an elephant when he was born. An Elephant that Micah confiscated! It became affectionately known as Eddie. On one of our hospital stays Eddie was accidentally taken to the laundromat- never to be seen again :( Then the Buchanan's purchased another elephant and when Micah came home from the hospital it was overjoyed I find Eddie in his toy box ( needless to say we jotted down the maker of our new found friend and promptly ordered a few!!). From then on Eddie went everywhere with Micah and has since been a treasure for us all!

Thanks so much for the many prayers, thoughts, notes via text and email, and beautiful orange flowers ( I wish I could bottle them and make them last the whole month :). It is so very meaningful!!