Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl

So football season is coming to a close this very night. We are a divided house with teams but we have all come together tonight to support Braet and the Ravens!!!! Our celebration has been low key as we still have a sickie- Mom. But we have enjoyed some yummy food, watching the snow fall, playing with our squish, aka Owey, the kiddos and snuggling on the couch. Totally my kind of winter Sunday afternoon!
Braet, this is a note for you my boy. Tonight as we watch the game you have parked it on the floor with some cozy pillows. The girls are in bed and of course so is Owey man and I can't help but notice the absence of the lil bro who should be sitting next to you, joining in the fun. At times bud, it still seems surreal and I know your pain still comes in waves ( I'm sure it always will) we share it with you. We pray for you for we know the loss of your best friend can hit so hard, we still miss him too. Longing for the day when all will be made new. When your pain will be taken away and there will be one sweet reunion with Micah J and with your Savior! He lived- died and was raised- Conquering death and the grave, what a sweet victory to partake in. My his comfort always be near to your heart and the hope of heaven alive in your eyes as you live your life today full of purpose as you journey to that day. Love you so!

Our Mikey jackets!

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