Friday, March 15, 2013

Yummy Treats

   So it has been a long week- or at least it feels that way. =) Nothing abnormal  just school, life and a sick lil one (well I guess the chicken pox is a lil abnormal!- poor Owey!). I am ready for weekend and for spring break!!!
  Today while I was looking up recipes for St Patricks Day- we love St Patrick and the man of God he was- it is great to be able to set aside a fun day of food & green to reflect and make memories. Anyway long story short I found this recipe and since it is Friday I decided to go for it and just to make sure they were good before I passed them on I sampled them and yep they are yummy and super easy so that is a great combo!

Banana's, PB and Chocolate - How can you go wrong?!

Frozen banana bites

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