Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fun Find!!!

Today was supposed to be a work day here but this morning Ally texted me and said she had time to do my hair- so Luke freed me up an so go enjoy the day! Once I got there she said my hair was covered- by mom ( a super early bday present - how FUN!). It was a great time to catch up, usually the kids mob Ally and we don't get to chat much- so today I talked her ear off!!! Thanks Ally!!! Love my hair too!
Then there is this new lil place that I have been wanting to check out so Luke said of for it. It was toooooo fun. I was like a kid in a candy shop. The owners Terry and Nancy are great and even though they weren't really open when I came they showed me around and I found some really fun treasures. We talked shop for an hour, did I mention it was fun! They are even a supplier for one of my all time fav stores in Lucketts - no wonder I had such a great time! Not to mention a score- Orange Trunk- Love it!!!!
They are off if 108, behind Etchisons Country Store- if u are in the area check them out!!!

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